I like this photo because it’s a bit all over the place – the wild styles of Chihuly, the desert, the manmade structures.  As if it were evolving.

Chihuly Exhibit, Desert Botanical Garden, 2009
Chihuly Exhibit, Desert Botanical Garden, 2009

Most of my Creativity is in the realm of the written word though I can do some mean brainstorming on conceptual and design.  I love making connections where it seems none exist.  I am getting into digital photography and appreciating Beauty in any form, wherever she is to be found!

Always liked poems, especially enjoy taking “hard” concepts and softening them up a bit. Easy-to-grasp book (How to Lie With Statistics) that lightened up Stats class inspired this:

Ode to a Statistic

Oh mighty “Stat,”

You’re “where it’s at.”

You could mean this,

You could mean that.

What do you mean, “mean?”

Standard deviation unseen.

You have a sample,

But is it ample?

You have a conclusion,

But is it illusion?

Every statistic,

Like every poem,

Open to interpretation.

And, why not:


Oh, the Worry!

Oh, the mess!

Shall I go in pants?

should i wear this dress?

What to wear?

Is this too tight?

Do I look my best?

Is this “Just right?”

OH, When is death?

When does this stress…


loved ones then can say:

she’d want to be buried

in this,

no, this!

the eternal struggle

of fashion


What do you see?

What do you see?


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