i am

Left & right brains (moderated by an active inner voice) is “me”:

Business-minded, analytical, creative in problem-solving, creative with a purpose and “crazy” when warranted.

“Crazy” – following your heart because you know it’s right, even though you have no proof, or even, evidence to the contrary.  Otherwise known as”gut-instinct”, invaluable in business as well as life, which of course, isn’t really crazy at all.

Being of service has always been important to me.  I previously worked in a health profession and business management capacity.  Now, I aspire to sharing a smile and to re-connecting with my creative side.  As a new blogger, I’m sure it’ll evolve as I learn wordpress.com and the finer points of this medium.

I split my time between Chicago and Phoenix, and enjoy traveling wherever the path may lead…


2 responses to “i am

  1. A Glass of Wine is Always Fine. Mix Biz with Pleasure. Tweeting & Drinking A Glass Right Now. Love your Creative & Analytical Post!
    I Understand…

    I am both http://twitter.com/oldandnew4u
    Yep a True Bipolar ~ I Tweet Both Sides!

  2. Nice to meet you Cheryl Gordon aka Muffyjo! Thanks for stopping by~

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