No-Bake Turkey Cookies

That’s right.  It’s that time of year again.  That time when people like me freak out because our kitchen skills are numbered and surely we have to bring at least a presentable dessert.

Not to worry for there is the adorable “turkey cookie!”  No baking involved.  Some assembly required!  (Good practice for the next big one, Christmas.)

These couldn’t be easier.  Here’s the metamorphosis from plain Keebler fudge stripe to able-bodied bird:

The “body” is a Milky Way bite-size.  (If you can’t identify the beak, even I can’t help you.)  The feet are Brach’s dark chocolate stars.

All you do is melt some chocolate (I use the leftover stars) – that serves as the “glue.” Press each piece together & wait for it to dry.  As shown, I place the chocolate star last and let them set like so:

(That way the star won’t be pushed forward – you want the star centered at the base.)

The most difficult part some years (I’ve been making them since 1988) is that I can’t find the components.  This year, Wal-Mart actually had everything.


Feet- Stars work best; I used Hershey’s kisses a couple times & those aren’t bad (Personal preference: dark chocolate looks better to me both on body and feet)

Bodies – The 1988 body style was a “coconut drop.”  Coconut drops come in bags with wax lining and I last found them at Walgreen’s, circa 2006.  Trouble was: a lot of family and friends weren’t crazy about coconut.  The 2009 body, as I mentioned, are milky ways.  (These are truly tasty and work well but you can’t put much pressure affixing the head otherwise the whole thing caves in a bit.)

Other tasty bodies are Reese’s peanut butter cups (if you don’t mind the milk chocolate look) or Mound’s (getting back to the coconut origin in case you can’t find the drops.)

Whatever you use…one thing’s for sure…these are as tasty as they are easy!!  All that’s left to do is to be thankful for “no-bake turkey cookies.”  Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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