Kokololio Crab

I saw this sand crab in September on Kokololio Beach on Oahu.

There is a vastness out there and he’s just a-focusing on his little hole.  The ocean rushes up from time to time, and seems to erase his best efforts.  That Pacific drowns out the hole and fills it back with sand, but he keeps plugging away.


Kokololio Crab

This little guy intrigued me the moment I noticed him and he still does.  He makes me wish I’d gotten a better, tighter photo. But I’m new to photography so I had no idea really what I was doing.  For instance, I’d begun taking photos like this:


All brown, no perspective

Learning something new:…it’s like digging that hole and then being swamped unexpectedly by doubt, lack of motivation, restlessness, illness…

But to remember: I think, cultivating our art – whether it be writing, photography, blogging, cooking, mentoring (you get the idea) – helps us see. Gives us perspective. Gives our mighty digging its own reward. And whatever our personal Pacific is: learning to persevere on our little spot of sand is a great day at the beach!



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2 responses to “Kokololio Crab

  1. wifsie

    This is a fantastic post! Nothing to add to it: you said it all perfectly. The last paragraph is one to meditate on…before getting back to our own “mighty digging” ! Truly inspiring.

  2. Thanks so much for the heartfelt comment~!

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