When The Story Comes For You

Talk about “pulling in” a balloon!


Gee, you take two days off writing for NaNoWriMo and the next thing you know, the story is coming FOR you!

When I wrote my first NaNoWriMo motivation post on November 1, 2009, little did I know that the balloons were listening.  (My husband asked if I wasn’t writing one of those sci-fi things where the author actually begins controlling “reality.”)

When you wake up to “hhhhhsshshshhhhhh,” in Phoenix as I did, it can mean only two things, 1) a rattlesnake is having you for breakfast or 2) a hot air balloon is hovering nearby.  Either way, you bolt from bed and if you don’t feel hot fangs in your leg, then you’re looking for the balloon.

I’ve never seen one this close.  It came down the backyard and then the center of the street.

It does, yes, it does remind me…WRITE!!  Let the writing take me…






And away!  (generally speaking into the puffy-cloud realm of imagination…

…and literally, to Chicago!)  I’ll be back in Chi tomorrow and if there are any balloons or rattlesnakes there…

(Sssh, I won’t write it just in case this IS one of those weird sci-fi things!  And by the way, a word on the rattlesnake: I truly have never seen one in the fifteen years I’ve walked around Phoenix, let alone in my bed…a scorpion, now that’s another story.)


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One response to “When The Story Comes For You

  1. wifsie

    So glad it was not a snake. And you did not vanish in the air either. Great news! Let your writing go up and up. I look forward to checking your blog. Keep at it!

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