A “Balloon to the Moon” Dining Experience

OK, I haven’t talked about food OR service OR good business sense in awhile and I, myself, was starving for a nibble of all three.  When I read this:

With tantalizing entrees and sweeter afterthoughts, served up by exceptional people delivering extraordinary experiences. Avalon – where impassioned food meets gracious service – building relationships that inspire, stimulate, enrich.

I nearly fell to the floor (yes, like a lead balloon.)  WHAT?  This is either extravagant over-promising or…do I dare hope…

No!  I refuse.  I’ve been led down this road by imposters.  I will go to though, I will try the food, but I will NOT be lured in for a moment to think that

1.)  the entrees will truly be tantalizing

2.)  that dessert will be sweeter afterthoughts

3.)  “exceptional people” will be delivering to me an “extraordinary experience”  C’MON FOLKS

4.)  there will be “Impassioned food?”  DITTO

5.)  there will be Gracious service?  (So no sideways looks when I eventually request more water?  Not that one should have to ask…)

6.)  that RELATIONSHIPS (using the “R” word!?) are valued and will

7.)  Inspire (Like a true “Buddha in Business“?)

8.) Stimulate

9.)  Enrich

Sure, maybe two or at most, three of these can occur.  This is a lot of extremely high expectation-setting, blowing up a happy balloon.  There are many simple side-steps that can burst that lil’ balloon, that can stomp it into the ground.

But that little balloon, she did float right up high in the night, almost touching the moon.  Maybe had she left room for a “sweeter afterthought,” the moon is where she would have landed. With all her skepticism, maybe she wasn’t ready for the moon.  Brushing right up against it was satisfying enough.

It was so incredible, I didn’t even stop to take a photo.  Couldn’t be bothered.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to leave you now, as I have one of last night’s perfectly seared Maine diver scallops on mascarpone cream corn waiting for me in the refrigerator.  If only I had more of yesterday’s special soup, the decadent porcini-lobster bisque.  Rich, but not so as to overpower. Not the slightest hint of oilness which I’ve found can be a failure to any rich cream soup.  No wonder a chef himself brought it to our table; I would be proud too, had I prepared it.  If only I had time to tell you about the hostess who smiled and greeted us and, when our 8:00 table was ready at 7:45, gave a choice of seating preference.  I wish I’d found out if it was the manager or owner himself who’d come to our table to check on how everything was, but at the moment, I really didn’t care.  I was immersed in every aspect of what was promised, of what is, and dare I believe, of what will be another lunar adventure next time, Avalon.



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