Sonoran Sounds and Skyscrapers

Fall in this part of the Sonoran Desert doesn’t look terribly much different than Summer in the Sonoran Desert.  It just feeeels different.  (79 vs 110 deg. F)


October 31, 2009

In the Spring though, there’s usually some pretty good color (depending on the rainfall.)  I’ll come back to this spot in April and see what’s bloomin’.  This is where we were hiking,


the Overton (OV) to where it meets the Go John (GJ) Loop.  What you’ll see:


Looking south

Desert skyscraper

Looking up




This horse was soaked with perspiration, first day out in awhile


It's very quiet except for the sound of the wind


Did I getcha!?

Thankfully, we didn’t see any of these on the trails, but we did learn about them that day at the Nature Center.  The snake shown is a Sonoran Gopher Snake, the largest of the snakes in the desert (can grow to eight feet.)  Of course, the desert is populated with such wonderful creatures and critters but I’d rather not run into them, personally.  One of my other personal favorites is:


The Gila Monster (protected species)

Yes, he had a rattler (Western Diamondback Rattlesnake) too who did not! come out of the enclosure.  It did rattle away though & that, I will say, is a spine-tingling  sound (top middle). I’m sure that it doesn’t help I have insanely good high-frequency hearing.

I’ve been around the desert 15 years now and never have heard nor seen one at large!  In Sedona once, I saw woman all bloody-on her leg, running out from a trailhead, saying “Rattlesnake.”  Turns out, she wasn’t bloody because it bit her, but because she’d fallen down running from it.  (The “official” advice is: if you hear the rattle.  Freeze.  Look around. Once you see where it is, back away slowly.)

OK, but back to quickly finish up the hike:


Sun disappearing


If you look closely, you can always find a little color

And when the day is nearing its end, some hit the road:


While others hit the trail:



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