Up, Up and Something

I wake up to see this hot air balloon in the near distance.  Instantly, it is an analogy.  It reminds me that my novel is “way out there.”  And it looks out of reach.

Up Up and Away

Up, Up and AWAY, November 1, 2009

I change my lens and pull it in.  Tight.


Up, Up and CLOSE UP

Reminds me of some writing advice.  It isn’t a charismatic quote, just a general idea that had stuck with me.  It was about “zooming in.”  Focus.  Learning how to get close-up on the scene and writing what the reader needs to know.  Using the lens, just as a photographer does.

And not getting distracted by any other story that I want to tell:



Unless it’s just an itty-bitty blog like this.  That’s OK.  This is just procrastinating!  At least I’m making strides as a procrastinator.  Writing something anyway!!

Now, off I go into the wild blue yonder.  Happy November!


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