Chicago Photo Medley

My favorite Chicago photo from recent trip.  Taken with iPhone, only one of the group that I decided to enhance.


Fall at Montrose Harbor

I arrived in Chicago late on October 24 and decided to take the train to the Loop.  The platform is still relatively sheltered, so you aren’t sure yet how warm or chilly it is.


The gloves are out

The next day, on the train to the “Trick-or-Treat Trot” in Lincoln Park at Montrose.


View from a train


Overcast skies at the beginning of the race


Follow them to Food!


Lincoln Park north of Montrose

I'm behind both the Tortoise and The Hare

I'm behind both the Tortoise AND the Hare


Finish line


They got their butts across the finish line

By the way, the tortoise and the hare tied!

The sun peeked out and it began to warm up, so I decided to walk the lakefront for awhile before crossing Lake Shore Drive back into the city.


Bright berries on yellow-leafed tree


Giant weeping willow

Wildflowers - Blue Martin Migration Area

Wildflowers & marked as purple martin nesting site

Here’s some info about the purple martin nesting site.


Looking South

As you continue southbound, there’s a lovely stone wall and a beautiful golf course.


Marovitz Golf course

The wall had texture and color and contrast.  I could have stayed there all day.  So many different angles to appreciate.  Here’s just a couple more.



Northbound pathway




Looking up from Belmont access.

By the time I got to this intersection, it was convertible weather.  I’d already seen three tops down, all with big dogs in the backseat. Everyone was loving the fine day it turned out to be.  I’m guilty of taking photos of places where I’d like to remember for a future meal and I’ll have to see about Clarke’s.



I clicked the link to their actual website, but like a lot of things in Chicago, it’s under construction.

I got back to the West Loop by late afternoon and it was getting back to a bit overcast.


Back in the West Loop

A great evening to order in!! I’d found @grubhub on a CTA ad so I gave it a try.  My favorite sushi place, Kamehachi, was listed and in less than an hour, there was fresh sushi at my door!

Portions of Chicago Crazy Roll &

Sunset roll & Chicago crazy roll

Do note that these are only portions of the rolls, they’re huge.  Kamehachi is one of my favorite sushi places in the country.  If dining-in, the Ontario Street location is quieter.  For a more lively atmosphere, the one one Wells is better.  (The location on Wells also has an upstairs area that serves late-night.)

Another fabulous day in the Windy City.


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