THE Buddha in Business, Sam

I’d written the phrase “Buddha in Business,” thinking of the ways of a buddha (one who is awake) and the qualities of enlightenment and “The Middle Way.”

I have now met THE Buddha in Business.  And he does massage!  Not only that, he makes affordable house-calls.  (So this is nirvana…)

THE Buddha in Business, Sam

THE Buddha in Business, Sam

His name is Sam &  he so perfectly embodies the qualities of which I’m speaking:

  • reasonable
  • generous
  • altruistic
  • personable
  • honors and values “the word” (his & yours)
  • believes in the barter system (he trades with several & it satisfies the needs of both)

He heals body via massage and spirit via his practices and principles.  An inspiration, he is.  He’s working on getting a website running but in the meantime, it’s word-of-mouth.  If you live in the North Valley (north of Happy Valley Road up to Anthem) or in Glendale and neighboring areas & want at-home massage, he’s the one.  An enlightened one.


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