Kitchen Karma?

I begin this post by searching: “Patron Saint of Cooking” as I’m sure that I’ve done something to offend…

My cousin was sweet enough to send me this cookbook and to mark the “easy” recipes for me.  I set out to make my first recipe, “Corn Bread Tamale Pie.”  So I don’t make the error of overlooking an ingredient when copying recipe (learn from experience), I schlep the giant cookbook to the store.  I’m CERTAIN I have every item I need!

When I get home, I open this brand new “can of corn.”  I do a double-take, thinking I must have grabbed what was on the shelf next to it.  But no, this time…

When Your Can of Corn is a Can of Beans

There's green beans in my can of corn

The Joy Hope of Cooking

Now, who is that Patron Saint because I’ve got some groveling to do.  (…to be continued)


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One response to “Kitchen Karma?

  1. ARQ

    Love , love, love to read you!
    Please keep posting and sharing.

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