I’m not afraid of making guacamole!!  As a self-assessed culinary illiterate, it’s the one item with which I’ve always had success.  (Early on, I did go through a “bloody-thumb phase” when every knife stroke was a threat to keeping my fingerprint intact.  It was a tomato-specific injury.  I learned quickly: get a better blade & “slow down.”)

I was asked by @TheModartist (or as I think of him, “Talent Incarnate”) on Twitter: “Is your guac recipe secret?”  And it is.  Even to me.  A secret that reveals itself each time I make it!

The one thing that’s sure is you need the avocado (I know this sounds obvious, but I’ve read where recipes sneak in sour cream to make up for “not all” avocado & that’s not my style).  And it seems I will always put large quantities of cilantro in it.  Tomatoes & onions are good for color and taste.  Don’t ask me “how much of each.”  I have no idea.  Whatever you have on hand seems to work alright.  Add some hot sauce or peppers if you need some “whooaaahhh” and salt if you are eating it without chips.

Here’s how last night’s began:

IMG_0872Some wine is always nice (especially for it’s numbing ability if you are in the “chopping your thumb” phase), but I don’t usually put it in the guac.

Ready to be Combined

Ready to be Combined

Here, I have successfully cut everything (oops, I just noticed the lemon – it’s good to add some juice to keep it from turning brown.  If I know we’re going to eat it all on the spot, I usually skip the lemon.)  The one thing’s for sure, you DO want to mash the avocado nicely before mixing in the other ingredients.  I just noticed my little supervisor there in the background.  She tends to rally round if someone’s in the kitchen for any period of time.  She is Gyp-C

Did you notice that knife!

Yes, it’s red for tomato.  Kind of like, “cut by color,” but hey, I need all the help I can get!  Here’s the whole line:

PureKomachi Knives (Colorful ones)

PureKomachi Knives

I always like it when something functional can double as “art.”  They make a colorful addition to a regular brown wall, yes!?  The three other ones just look a little “fierce” to kind of balance it all out.

So, back to GUAC!  There’s not much left to tell.  Except other ingredients that have been known to find their way into the pot:

*  Pine nuts

*  Dried cranberries

* Butterscotch chips

*  Chilis

*  Jalapenos

*  Pepper

*  Garlic

*  Shrimp

I’ve had excellent table-side GUAC at two places.  One in Santa Fe that, for the life of me, I can’t recall the name of right now (there was a tree in the middle of the restaurant though & I want to say it was in a hotel) and the second is here.

My neighbors came over for dinner a few weeks back and I’d made that night’s GUAC.  He exclaimed, “This stuff is great!”  Fortunately, every time I make it, it seems to be “great!” although each time it’s a little bit different.  I attribute this to: don’t think you can go wrong with GUAC!  Nevertheless, a good bowl of it is always a boost to the fragile culinary ego.




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2 responses to “GUAC

  1. Great post. I love the pictures, especially your spiffy knives. And the first thing I noticed was the cat in background! Saw him/her before the ingredients! I make a lot of guac and yours looks awesome. I think you are mislabeling yourself when you say youare a culinary illiterate.

    • bwlight

      Ah, vampiregran, you naked-baker-make-a-mean-scone-you-do, you are too kind! Thank you for the comment.

      Since I just added the “fig” and “balsamic glaze” to my culinary language, I’m gaining ground, but there’s nary a recipe I can read where I know what every ingredient actually even is. Like “Tomatillo”? Seriously?

      I lied! I do know every ingredient in your “naked scone” recipe (I will do my dangnest not to put in baking soda instead of powder! I learned that on some very icky choc. chips cookies)

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