Watermelon Sarong With Black Painted Flowers


It figures that I’ve been on the go all year and when I start a blog somewhat featuring “travel,” I’m in a time of waiting!  What do you do when you have the travel bug and aren’t traveling!?  This is what I’m doing or been known to do:

1.  Wear the sarong!  I’m wearing the one I’d gotten in Hawaii last November and recalling three exotic (at times) months on Oahu.

2.  Travel quotes:  “One always begins to forgive a place as soon as it’s left behind.”  Charles Dickens

3.  Plan the next trip.

4.  Go out to eat a local restaurant that has “destination food.”   I’m having “Greek” today!

5.  Surf – find other great websites that link to destinations, maybe some not considered lately; the one I found today: Hills Of Africa

6.  Read!  Of course, books can take you right off into distant lands!  “There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away.”  Emily Dickinson  (Check out Shelfari for recommendations.)

7.  Be a hometown tourist.  Take camera.  Observe.

8.  Drive.  Even a two hour roundtrip can get you the feeling of “exploring.”  I know in Phoenix and Chicago, a lot can change in just an hour’s trip!  (Think N. Phoenix to Prescott or Chicago, South to I-57 – sometimes cooler weather or an open field can change one’s mindset.)  Of course, traffic & weather permitting, ala Chicago.

9.   Music!  I’m still enjoying the rotating photos of Hills of Africa and their music playing in the background.  I remember the first time I heard Eric Satie…I was in a “Banana Republic” -like store dressing room in London.  It had begun to downpour and we ducked into the place.  I found a great top and it was one of life’s moments when senses were heightened.  The burnt orange walls, the unusual swinging door of the dressing room (ultra pure white, not small with slats, but heavy and rippled and asymmetrical as if elephant tusks were roped together, thank goodness not), the feeling of the fabric on my skin, the bright lights of the store reflected in the dressing room mirror…and the piano music accompanying the rain.  If I were educated enough on this to insert a sound clip, I would!

10.  It’s too easy…but of course – revisit travel photos!  Not so easy in my case!  Since FutureHusband mistakenly deleted all Oahu photos, guess I’ll be going back there to buy another sarong!  (Yes, he’s still FH, H soon!)


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