So, What About “Best Buy?”

I have to blog something about “Best Buy.”  What, I don’t know.  I don’t want to write some long-story rant but I want the essence.  It boils down to: Sunday, August 23, the first time I’ve ever been disappointed by Best Buy in “X” years.  (It’s a lot of years, not sure the total, but many…over many purchases, large and small.)

Will I still go to “Best Buy?”  You bet.  The 1-888 manager has sent me a $100 gift card.  One store manager (on Camelback in Phoenix) was excellent.  “Buddha in Business excellent.”  He knew they’d really inconvenienced me and that you just don’t do that to a person.  What I will not do is shop at the store that started the whole mess and I guess, in the end, that inconveniences me more than anything because it is the closest store to me.



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