A Conduit Can Do It

Everyday, I either think of a poem I’ve heard in the past, encounter a new one, or write one myself!  I  find that when I’m writing or editing, a poem comes along and wants to be “freed.”  I don’t think I write the poems.  If you’ve ever heard it described that things just “come,” are “downloaded”, then you know what I’m talking about!

I do agree (per the many who’ve discussed “inspiration”) that much of the creative process is just being a conduit. Open to accept that which comes along and you are merely the scribe.  Whenever I think of being a conduit, that’s when I know I “can do it.”  (Write it, that is.)

I want to capture the poetry of today and since I also have a “past poetry” life, I’m going to take it all over to a poetry-dedicated blog:



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