Weekly Sushi Fix

Sushi.  Can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it yet.

White Monster Roll at PURE

White Monster Roll at PURE

It’s my thing.

I also appreciate the decor in sushi places.  Contemporary, clean, minimalist.  Except for the places that are strip-mall tiny with plain chairs that have those burgandy color seats which stick to your legs when you wear shorts. Plain restaurant chairs with anything but plain restaurant food.  That’s strip-mall sushi.

Tonight’s venture was not strip-mall sushi, it was to “PURE” (north).  We were complaining that we were really in the mood for “Kamehachi,” a restaurant in Chicago, but tonight were we in Scottsdale.  We’d never been to PURE so we decided to check it out and we weren’t disappointed!  The decor was minimalist but interesting.  Mixtures of different wood tones, white leather and dark chairs, mirrors, “trees” and interesting lighting, but not so interesting as to be distracting.

Light, wood, reflections set the mood at PURE

Light, wood, reflections set the mood at PURE

The right balance, it was, just like the food and the service.  (Pic doesn’t do justice)

The server knew her wines and her sushi.  She described three chardonnays clearly and concisely.  (I go “buttery.”)  I asked about raw instead of baked ahi on the “White Monster Roll” and she said, “of course, that’s the way I always do it.”  The other roll we had was the “Fire Dragon Roll.”  Just the right amount of fire!  Note: mushrooms in the miso soup.

The alcohol was a bit spendy ($15 for my buttery) and $6 for a bottle of fat tire, but other than that, prices were reasonable.  Definitely will check it out again & even better, at happy hour!


or at Kamehachi: Sushi Restaurant Chicago | Delivery | Sushi Catering | Corporate Catering Chicago | Sushi Chicago


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