Explaining Why BMW=WMB

I think BMW has a backward-thinking business model.  They provide an excellent product without consistent, decent service.  (Actually “don’t harsh the customer” would suffice.)  This lack of good, basic relationship is bound to taint the “Ultimate Driving Experience” and ultimately drive the consumer away.

Have you ever signed an auto purchase/lease contract and then been called at your place of business two weeks later and told “We’re sending you a new contract that you have to sign.” Right.

It took numerous issues with Financial Services to understand that my credit was in their hands…and I had to Watch My Back.

At lease-end, after pre-inspecting my vehicle as “clean” came back 60 days later with “chargeable problems”; items that were already there when pre-inspected.  (But if I buy or lease another, they’ll put it toward the purchase price.  Really?)  Watch My Back as I walk out the door.

If BMW employees could handle their customer as well as their vehicle handles the road…then I’d be a lifetime customer.  (Still would get my own financing though!)


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  1. lisahudson

    Ugh! Frustrating. My complaints have all been generated by the Camelback store, so far. The dealer where it was serviced in Michigan never left me with such a sour taste in my mouth…but, then again, it was a lease vehicle at that point, so no charges could be passed along. When I bought the vehicle off lease and brought it out here to AZ, that’s when all the $1,ooo invoices started appearing. The car is not old and has low miles. It has been babied, if anything. Just grinds my gears to think they’re trying to put the screws to their customers in this type of economy. I have the name of an independent shop: McCormick’s Auto Service, in No Sco. May try there. Love my car. Hate the service people. Hopefully BMW will catch on.

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your post. Hope all is well if you’re back in Chicago. Stay warm.


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