Why “becauseisaidso” in the first place?

I had a second thought about my choice of blog name, “I hope people don’t think I’m being condescending” because that isn’t my intention.  (Please give me a heads up if it comes across as such!)

I chose the name for two reasons: 1) in the best sense of when I’ve heard p’s say, “Because I said so.”  I’m thinking of when the parent has already had an experience and either wants to encourage or deter the younger from going through it 2.) because it’s word-of-mouth and I’m playing off the “said” part of it.

Then, I really liked what the “um” ended up doing for it (as explained).  After the “um, can I speak to a manager please” came out of it, I was reminded how customers really do dread asking for a manager and figured maybe I can blog on that as well!  (Helpful tips, how to communicate, etc.)



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2 responses to “Why “becauseisaidso” in the first place?

  1. I didn’t think the name was condescending at all. I think it has some personality and attitude which is what all good blogs need… as long as it doesn’t get too preachy.

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