Paying for Pleasure

Yesterday’s best experience: deep tissue massage.

Brandon, Mountainside Fitness, (either Peoria or N. Phoenix) – give me 60 minutes more!  This therapist knows what he is doing and has only been doing massage for seven months.  (There goes the theory I’d made a few weeks back after a less than satisfying resort massage – that I’d only go to “experienced” therapists.)

Lying face down to begin, the pressure on my back is excellent, the pressure on my chin isn’t.  Every time he presses down, my chin touches this metal piece that holds up the head support.  It’s not painful but it’s definitely noticeable, bordering on “could become uncomfortable” and here I am paying for pleasure.  Plus, he’s only going to go deeper right, so what if he pushes harder unexpectedly and my jaw gets really rammed into this thing?  Before I get myself worked up into not saying anything and risking, ultimately, spinal trauma somehow:

“Brandon,” I say as I pull my chin out of the slot, “there’s this bar, kind of in the way.”  Since I don’t want to complain, I attempt funny so I say, “I feel like Hannibal Lecter in transport with that wire cage around his mouth.”

Fortunately, he chuckles and “Oh man, let me adjust it.”  And he changes the angle.  He goes on to say, “I’m glad you said something, you don’t want to go through the whole massage like that.  I can’t believe that I’ve already done two today and no one said anything.”  He adds after a moment, “I’ve done that before, when I should have said something and I didn’t.”

Not only was this guy doing a great massage, he was talking my language.  He knew what it feels like to want to say something but not to want to be a pest.  But, when paying for a service and something isn’t quite right, isn’t it better to mention it?  Why would I even hesitate?


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