I’m picky* and I’d like to use that to your advantage.  Whether I’m traveling or just around town, like most people, I pay money to someone almost every day. Sometimes I get what I pay for (and more!) and sometimes I feel cheated and wouldn’t want someone else to experience that same feeling. Because that’s what life boils down to: “how are you feeling today?”

An employee can sometimes make or break our day, leave us feeling “great!” or “man, I got what paid for, but boy was she rude” or “I just got totally ripped off!”

“Um, because I said so” is my word-of-mouth way to recommend that you visit a business. Since I don’t have children, it’s also a little bit of fun for me, since I never get to say that!  Also, it illustrates what I think a good business should do for the customer: improvise. When I couldn’t get the username “becauseIsaidso”, I added the “um” and it was available. That’s what I hope businesses out there will do for a customer, add the “um”, a moment of enlightenment, “the customer is asking for this, um, how can I make it happen.” That’s the kind of employee every business wants and every customer wants to know. Thank you for reading and to the exceptional employees who go out of their way to make sure that their place of business is customer-friendly!  I’m especially tuned in when traveling – when away from home, it’s always nice to be treated like you are welcome!

Since I love to eat, drink, travel, write and am learning to take photos, I’ll also include some of my favorite spots.  Add a dash of poetry and whatever else creative comes along & we’ll have fun, too!  Why?  umbecauseisaidso

*”I’m picky,” – not as much “picky” as I have an ethic: “give me what you tell me you are going to give me and charge me what you said you are going to charge me and all’s well.” I’m amazed how many individuals accept whatever comes their way and then, willingly pay for it. I think this “unconscious acceptance” promotes poor customer service and ultimately, irresponsible business practices. Simply put, I think people should be accountable.  And when they’re not and not willing to resolve it with you, I think it’s time to say, “Um, may I speak to a manger, please?”


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